Getting The Most Out Of Exciting Las Vegas Slots

vegas strip

Las Vegas turns more profits from slots then any other table game. So with that in mind, there are some Las Vegas slots that are better then others, where the odds are more favorable to the players then the house. Some people ponder about location in Vegas regarding slots. They wonder if they have better chances in Downtown Las Vegas or on the Las Vegas Strip. The slot machines bring in 70% of all the revenue that Nevada brings in from all games of chance. The people that live and work in Las Vegas know where their odds will be better, and as a general rule it’s not where the tourists gravitate to. They tend to avoid the strip and downtown all together. If there are locals that like to play slots, they go to North Las Vegas, as far away from the tourists as they can get. They go there to play because they know the payout odds are the strongest there. Perhaps not to some, the high roller Las Vegas slots are the ones, that only except $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and even $1,000 domination. Those are for people that are seriously looking for a legitimate chance to actually win big time money and not a $30 jackpot and a $.05 spin.

There are those that just want to have a fun day out in one of the many casinos. Some of these people flock to downtown Vegas, to hotels like the Freemont, where one can find penny slots. For a few dollars, a person can spend a lazy afternoon in this casino, enjoy drinks of their choice free of charge, and only lose a few dollars. However people that want to play slots in Vegas with a lesser amount of wagers, like nickel and quarter slots, that is available too, but the odds aer very low, less then 5% there anyone will actual win anything. Many people that visit Vegas, will experience survey takers, asking questions about habits, best games, favorite this or favorite that. Research shows, that many people favor the Palms Casino for the Las Vegas slots that are there. Some commented that, the slots there offered very loose machines. Other visitors to Vegas, say Circus Circus offers very good odds for players. High on the lists of favorite slots, were at the Rivera, the Flamingo Hilton, and Ceasers Palace. Hard Rock Cafe also made several top slot surveys. A suggestion is to just visit Different locations to discover your favorite slots.

Sometimes I skip the Vegas casinos altogether and sit by the pool and play USA online slot games and watch the girls. Some casinos offer mobile betting devices that you can take with you anywhere inside the casino grounds but I like the internet casinos better when it comes to gambling on the go in Las Vegas.